Airsoft players do not stand for any military or para-military organizations, religions or ethnical groups. Airsoft is a safe, violence-free, strategical-tactical game, similar to paintball. It is played by hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens all over the world. Airsoft does not glorify war and armed conflicts, does not simulate reality - it is only a game. Airsoft weapons can be owned freely even in countries with the tightest gun laws.

This document can only be reproduced and distributed without modifications, indicating its source. All works derivating from this document should be distributed freely. The authors reserve the right to be recognized as authors and waive any responsibility for modifications executed by third persons. The present declaration is an irrevocabl part of this document.



The word refers to low-energy airguns firing plastic pellets, or to the team-based games played with these guns. Airsoft weapons are replicas of real guns, but they are completely different in operation. Typically muzzle energy is 0.5-3.3 Joules, so they stay well below the Hungarian 7.5 Joule maximum for airguns, or the 15 Joule limit for paintball markers.

The "BB" pellets does not leave paint marks on impact, so the player must call the hits himself. Thus airsoft relies on the honour and sportsmanship of the participants – it is more like a serious hobby than a competition sport, like paintball.



The Hungarian Airsoft Rules (“Magyar Airsoft Szabályzat” or “MASZ” in short) provide the basics for secure, civilised airsoft games. Every player shall have a clear knowledge of the contents, and must accept them. The MASZ is an “open-from-top-to-bottom” system which means anyone can change these rules, if they are more stringent than the current ones. Special rules, add-ons, plugins, game modes can be added, if they do not breach the safety rules. These special rules must be announced in advance, and at start of the game!



The power of aírsoft guns are measured by the energy of the bullet leaving the barrel (muzzle energy), which is calculated from the weight and velocity of the bullet. The presented m/s (meter per second) or FPS (feet per second) values are valid only with 0.2 gram BB pellets, so velocity checks must be always made with this type of BB! (see Chrono Guide) WARNING! When chronoing with heavier BBs, only the velocity changes, but the muzzle energy stays the same!

Muzzle velocity (.20 BB)

Muzzle energy



ft/s (fps)





Small arms and support weapons
(Max. 120 m/s, 400 fps)










Semi-auto sniper rifles
(Maximum 150 m/s, 500 fps)
Min. range: 20m, Max one BB in air!










Bolt action rifles
(Maximum 180 m/s, 600 fps)
Min. range: 20m







* FPS and m/s values are rounded for easier reading



0. Event safety:
airsoft events can only be held legally, on a private property with permission of the land owners, and after noticing local authorities (police, forestry, etc). The organizer must have a solid knowledge of relevant Hungarian rules of law. Bio-degradable BBs are RECOMMENDED to protect the enviroment! All participants should know the game rules and how to handle guns safely. Consumption of alcohol, other mind-altering substances or participating in airsoft events under the influence of such substances are STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

1. Eye protection:
Every player, bystander, observer near and at the game site must ALWAYS wear eye protection for the duration of the whole event! This is absolutely required at ALL TIMES! NEVER remove the eye protection while on the field! All game activity must stop immediately if someone is not wearing eye protection in the game area!

2. Eyewear:
Must provide adequate protection to the eye socket from all sides without play or wobble, even when running, jumping, etc. Only ANSI 87.1 or EN 166-F rated or stronger policarbonate safety goggles/glasses or paintball-airsoft masks are allowed. Fully closed goggles with headbands are recommended! Wire mesh masks are allowed if the wire diameter is thicker than 0,6mm and the mesh gap is 4x4mm or smaller. Before use, the thorough testing of mesh masks is mandatory! Wearing inadequate or damaged eye protection is FORBIDDEN AND DANGEROUS!

If the eyewear is not rated by the manufacturer, safety testing is MANDATORY before use! The game organizer or marshall can order the testing of eyewear anytime. The test consist of shooting the eyewear (secured to a backstop) at least 3 times from 1 meters with a 1.5 Joule (120m/s) or stronger airsoft gun. The eyewear must withstand all shots, even from the strongest guns, without cracking or breaking.

3. Face protection:
Close range shooting, CQB fighting can easily result in dental damage, so facial protec tion (plastic, mesh, neoprene masks, 4 -5 layers of shemagh, gumshields, etc) is RECOMMENDED! Neglect face protection AT YOUR OWN RISK!

 4. Other protection:
To avoid injuries, cover as much skin as possible with clothing. Wearing of BDUs, gloves, hats or helmets, boots, elbow or knee pads is RECOMMEND!

5. Orange rag:
Players MUST carry a fluo-orange hat or rag (min. 40x40cm) to indicate their “dead” or off-game status. (see Game Rules, chapter 3.)

6. Guns and BBs:
Only 6mm, plastic (or biodegradable) BB firing airsoft guns allowed, up to 3.3 Joules (600fps). They must be series production guns, or replicas with the complete internals (barrel, hopup, gearbox or delivery-system) of production guns. Non-deforming, hard-impacting BBs made from metal, glass or similar materials are DANGEROUS and FORBIDDEN! All aiming devices are allowed with the exception of laser sights. 8mm airsoft, homemade, converted guns and similar devices are FORBIDDEN! Minors at least 16 years of age can only use airsoft under the supervision of an adult!

7. Weapon handling:


a) Only aimed shots are allowed! Blind firing from cover, through windows and doors is NOT ALLOWED and DANGEROUS! Shooting friendly or off-game (dead) players, personnel wearing high-visibility jackets, etc is FORBIDDEN!

b) Minimum Engagement Distance: guns above 1.5 Joules (400fps) are NOT ALLOWED to fire in automatic (or burst) mode and have a minimum engagement distance of 20m meters!

c) Fighting in built-up areas: rules are based on the type of gameplay.

  • Dedicated Close Quarters Battle: the maximum weapon energy is 1.1 Joule (350fps), and only SHORT BURSTS are allowed! The usage of guns above 1.1 Joule is FORBIDDEN!
  • Game with CQB elements : inside and within 10m radius of buildings, maximum 1.5 Joule (400fps) and ONLY SEMI-AUTOMATIC fire is allowed! Full auto shooting directed at or coming from buildings, guns above 120m/s must respect the 10m safety radius.

d) At ranges less than 10m, if situation permits (surprise attack, ambush) the opponent should be challenged to surrender! (see Game Rules, chapter 6.)

e) Point-blank, muzzle contact shooting, grabbing or touching the opponent’s weapon is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

f) Shooting at animals is FORBIDDEN!

g) The player shall know the performance of his weapon. All guns must be chronoed with 0.20 BBs! Refusing the chrono check will result in immediate banning!

h) Gas powered guns (HFC-134a, green gas, CO2, HPA, etc.) must be checked at the field, after the gas tank has reached ambient temperature . Never use any gas of unknown origin or performance, or gas not recommended by the gun’s manufacturer. Using non-appropriate gas is DANGEROUS and FORBIDDEN!

 8. Gun Safety:
treat all airsoft guns like real guns!

  • Shooting outside the game area is ONLY permitted at the practice range designated by the game organizers.
  • Outside the game area, before and after the event, manual safety must be ON at all times!
  • Magazines MUST be removed until the game starts! At the end of the game, safety must be engaged, magazines removed! Remove magazines outside the game and practice area. The use of barrel blocking devices, plugs is recommended!
  • CAUTION! After the removal of magazine, BBs can still remain in the chamber! To completely clear the gun, remove magazine, point the muzzle to a safe direction and fire 2-3 shots!
  • No finger on the trigger, unless the gun is aimed at the target. Index finger must be outside of the trigger guard at all other times!
  • Treat all guns as if they are loaded and ready to fire. The muzzle should always point to a safe direction. Never let the muzzle cross anyone or anything you do not intend to shoot! Always be sure of the target and what is behind it.
  • Airsoft guns must be stored and transported in a sealed container or gun bag. Gun must be unloaded and separated from BBs. Unauthorized persons should not have access to the gun. Removal of the battery is recommended.

9. Non-players on the field:
Any non-player in the game area (organizer, observer, game marshall, photographer/cameraman) must wear eye protection and safety jacket (or other high-visibility clothing) at all times! The game must be stopped immediately when an “unauthorized” person enters the game area! It’s strictly FORBIDDEN to shoot anyone wearing high-visibility clothing, or persons not participating in the game! The game organizer can limit the movement and number of non-players. Photographers, camera operators must not disturb gameplay.

10. Pyrotechnics:
Use of any pyrotechnics is FORBIDDEN by default - except if the game organizer says otherwise. Even in such cases, only a pre-defined amount and type of legal pyrotechnics are allowed! Always wear safety gloves when handling pyrotechnics! NEVER use pyrotechnics unless you are fully clear about the operating procedures! Use of any licensed pyrotechnics, flashbang grenades, gas-signal weapons, etc is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! The indoor use of smoke grenades or cannisters is also FORBIDDEN!

11. Accidents:
in case ofaccidents or injuries requiring medical assistance, game must be stopped immediately, and the situation must be reported to the game organizer without delay!



WARNING! The muzzle energy limits in this rulebook are just maximum values, not target numbers that the players must achieve! The power of the weapon is the least important factor when it comes to accuracy, range, or successful gameplay!

Airsoft weapons fall into six categories:

Small arms:
This is a generic category. Submachineguns, assault rifles, handguns, shotguns, low-powered repeating guns fall into this category. Maximum muzzle energy is 1.5J (400 fps) and magazine capacity is less than 600 BBs. Motor driven magazines are FORBIDDEN!

Semi-auto sniper rifles:
scope equipped, at least 95cm long, semi-auto only rifles with the full-auto function disabled (M14, M21/M25, PSG-1, G3SG/1, MSG90, SR-25/Mk11, SPR/Mk12, Dragunov, M82A1). Maximum magazine capacity: 80 BBs. Minimum muzzle energy is over 1.5 Joules, with a maximum of 2.2 J (500 fps). It is FORBIDDEN to shoot targets closer than 20 meters (65 feet)! One BB allowed in the air anytime! The player MUST carry a secondary weapon that can be used within the minimum engagement distance. Sniper rifles cannot be used indoors (CQB), except when firing at targets from buildings. Only players over 18 years are allowed to use sniper weapons.

Bolt action sniper rifles:
scope equipped, at least 95cm long, bolt-action or repeating, manually cocked, operated rifles (M700, M24, M40, L96A1, Steyr SSG, M200, DSR-1) Maximum magazine capacity is 40 BBs. Minimum muzzle energy is over 2.2 Joules, with a maximum of 3.3J (6 00 fps). It is FORBIDDEN to shoot targets closer than 20 meters (65 feet)! The player MUST carry a secondary weapon that can be used within the minimum engagement distance. Sniper rifles cannot be used indoors (CQB), except when firing at targets from buildings. Only players over 18 years are allowed to use sniper weapons.

ATTENTION! The player must know how to estimate distances correctly. (How big is a human sized target or partial target at 20 meters through the scope at certain magnifications.) It is advised to practice range estimation before games.

Support weapons:
full-automatic machineguns with high capacity magazines. They must be equipped with bipod OR they must resemble to a real-life support weapon (e.g. M60, M249, M240, RPK, RPD, PKM, MG3/MG42, HK21). Maximum muzzle energy is 1.5J (400 fps). There is no magazine capacity limitation. Only players over 18 years are allowed to use support weapons.

Grenade launchers:
CQB weapons firing 40mm gas operated airsoft “grenades” that launch a swarm of (14-180) BBs with a single shot. They can be used independently or attached to small arms. They can’t be equipped to sniper or support weapons. Only launchers operating with 6mm BBs can be used.

Mines and grenades:
Gas or spring operated, hand thrown or field deployed (e.g. tripwire) BB launchers, or sound signaling devices (e.g. siren, whistle, p yrotechnics) . They can only be used under special rules, with approval of the event organizer. After game, field mines must be recovered immediately. Pyrotechnic BB launchers are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN !



1. Hits:
All hits on the player’s body, gear, equipment and weapon count as a hit. Friendly fire, shots going through cover, obstacles, and vegetation are also valid hits. Ricochets do not count! Hitting gear not attached to the player’s body does not count (rucksack on the ground, rifle propped against tree ). „ Silent hit” (see point 7.) is also considered as a hit.

2. Calling hits:
the player taking the hit must IMMEDIATELY stop all action, and RAISE at least ONE HAND AND repeatedly, loudly must shout „HIT” („MEGVOLT” in Hungarian). Calling hits just verbally is NOT ENOUGH! Players are free-to-fire at the opponent until the signaling is perfectly clear! Which means HAND AND VERBAL SIGNALING AT THE SAME TIME is the only valid way of calling hits! The only exception is the “silent hit” (see point 7.) where verbal signaling is not allowed.

3. Going off-game, Respawn:
after calling hit, player must sling or raise the weapon above head, then he must place the ORANGE HAT OR RAG IMMEDIATELY on his head. He shall leave the area on the shortest possible route without interfering the game. (Unless the rules say otherwise. ) Be prepared to take more hits while leaving the area. The orange rag must be worn visibly until respawn! In case of heavy fighting (or in CQB), players must signal their off-game status continously by SHOUTING, KEEPING HANDS RAISED, AND WAVING THE ORANGE RAG! Players are free-to-fire at others if the off-game status is not perfectly clear! Players wearing the orange rag or calling hits MUST NOT be shot or be used as cover!

While leaving the area, players should avoid getting hit or to be used as cover. If necessary, it is allowed to stop or wait for a short while, if the player causes less disturbance this way. In CQB, a cease fire should be ordered, if the off-game players cannot leave the room safely. In these situations players should shout „COMING OUT!” („KIJÖVÖK” in Hungarian) constantly when leaving.

The rules of respawn are set by the organizers. If the player cannot continue the game because of equipment or weapon failure, he has to go off-game according to the rules (see point 2-3.). After fixing the problem, he can only re-enter the game by normal respawning – if the rules allow this. (Changing batteries do not count as an equipment failure, if batteries can be changed quickly on the field.)

4. Communication:
after calling hit, NO COMMUNICATION WHATSOEVER ALLOWED (not even hand signals) with other players still in the game! Only the confirmation of the off-game status is allowed! This is especially important for games using the medic based respawn-system! Opposing teams should not communicate during the game – except for the exchange of vital information between commanders, role-playing, safety warnings, preventing accidents, etc. There is absolutely no place for any kind of arguing, swearing, or challenging others to call real or supposed hits! So DO NOT CHALLENGE OTHERS to take their hits!

5. Radio communication:
only PMR type radios are allowed. The VOX (voice activated) functions, melodic or beeping signals should be switched off, since they disturb communication! Try to minimize communication on the team channel, keep your messages short! (Announce your name and location, then explain the situation in a few words.) The game organiser can allow other radio standards in accordance with the law.

6. Surrender:
This rule may ONLY be used if the player could fire at the opponent FROM THE BACK OR SIDE, BY SUPRISE, and the opponent is presenting a clear target. The opponent must be challenged to surrender (like „DROP IT!”, „HANDS UP!”, or „Dobd el!”, “Kezeket fel!” in Hungarian). The challenge must be loud and clear. If the opponent surrenders, he shall IMMIDIATELY call the hit. (The weapon should not be dropped, obviously.) If the opponent hesitates or does not obey the command, he shall be shot by the caller. Do not challenge opponents from the front side, players presenting small or long range targets! Do no challenge overpowering number of opponents to surrender! Any item can be used to make players surrender (disabled gun, sniper rifle), if safety rules are not violated! The surrender rule requires sportsmanship from both sides, but it’s ALWAYS YOUR FAULT if the opponent has enough time to get into cover or fire at your

7. Silent hit:
This rule may ONLY be used if the player could tap the BACK OR SIDE of the UNSUSPECTING, SURPRISED opponent 3-4 TIMES BY HAND (e.g. tapping the shoulder quickly). The silent hit can be reinforced by whispering „Silent hit” (or „Megvoltál” in Hungarian). The opponent has no choice, he MUST TAKE THE HIT SILENTLY. It’s not allowed to call the hit verbally, to get other players informed by any means other than putting on the orange rag. Using silent hit as a frontal attack is FORBIDDEN AND DANGEROUS!

8. Physical contact:
except for „silent hit” described in point 7 . any physical contact is forbidden! Touching, grabbing the opponent’s weapon, muzzle - to-body contact is NOT ALLOWED!

9. Cheating, beginner mentality:
sinceairsoft is based on honour, game organizers and marshalls will use the strictest measures against cheaters! Cheating is pointless, this is a game, not a competition. Sooner or later everybody will know the problematic player, which will result in branding and banning from the games. It is not worth it!

Don’t rush to cry cheater, if the oppoenent is not calling your supposed hit. Be sceptical about your own performance. Perhaps you didn’t hit him. Did you see the actual impact? Sure? Did you aimed carefully or just sprayed BBs in the general direction direction of your opponent? Did your gun even fire BBs? Have you jerked the trigger? Even a skilled shooter can miss a small, moving target. The smallest twig, undergrowth, or wind can divert the BB. A bush usually means impenetrable cover. At longer ranges, it may seem as if the bb hit - but actually it may dropped to the ground few meters before the target. Sometimes people may not hear or feel the hit under the thick gear and the rush of adrenaline, while running, etc. This can and will happen to anyone. So don’t complain needlessly, don’t spin conspiracy theories – especially, if you are new to the game. Shoot again instead! But if you see someone obviously cheating, report it to the organizers!

10. Sportsmanship:
try to keep the virtue of the game. Don’t swear, don’t search for exploits, don’t try to rape the rules, because it will ruin the game experience. Take care of your environment, don’t litter! Know the actual rules. Respect the organisers and game marshals, support their work. Hits should not only be declared verbally, but also by raising the hand! Conflicts and irregularities should be resolved right after the game and reported to the organisers! There is no place for arguments later on!

If you are not sure whether you were hit or not, declare yourself hit. If two players hit each other within a short period of time (<2 seconds), both should call hit. At a longer interval the loser of the „duel” shall call hit and should not abuse the rule above! If you are challenged to surrender, consider that your opponent had a clear shot on you, but he picked a more peaceful solution. Refuse to surrender only if the call was absolutely inappropriate. It is everybody’s duty to remind his team mates to play fairly and orderly!

 11. Age limit:
the minimum age limit is sixteen years. Players under eighteen may only play under the supervision of an adult player, with the written permission of a parent (see Appendix III.).




AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) - motor driven, automatic airgun

AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol) - motor driven, automatic airpistol

Airsoft (or Softair) – airgun firing low-energy plastic pellets, or the game itself

Airsoft gun (MASZ definition) – airgun with maximum 3.3 Joules of muzzle energy

ANSI Z87.1-2003 – USAsafetystandard

BB – round-shaped plastic pellet

CQB (Close Quarters Battle) – short range fighting, typically indoors

Barrel plug – a plug or BB blocking device fixed on the muzzle to prevent accidental discharges

EN 166F –EU safety standard

Semi-automatic – gun only capable of single shots, or the mode of fire

GBB (Gas Blow Back) – gas operated airgun, where the slide or bolt reciprocates with each shot

GBBR (Gas Blow Back Rifle) – gas operated air rifle, where the bolt reciprocates with each shot

Gearbox – the launching system of AEG/AEPs, a piston is driven by an elecro-motor via a system of gears

Green gas – propane gas with silicone oil additive (stronger than HFC-134a)

HFC-134a – tetrafluoroethan gas, typically for GBB pistols

Hicap magazine – manual winding, high capacity magazine, takes more than 200 BBs

Hopup – device attached to the breech, stabilizes the flight of BBs, extending range

Repeater - airsoft gun where cocking of the „launching system” and loading of BBs is performed manually for each shot

Joule (J) – the unit of energy

Chrono (Chronograph) – electronic device which measures the velocity of projectiles

Airgun (hungarian definition) – weapon firing solid projectiles via compressed air or other gas, with no more than 7.5 Joules of muzzle energy

Lowcap magazine – low capacity magazines, 40-80 BBs

Midcap magazine– medium capacity magazines,. 80-200 BBs

Motor driven magazine – electro-motor driven (very) high-capacity magazines

NBB (Non Blow Back) – fixed slide/bolt version of GBB, more simple in operation

PMR (Personal Mobile Radio) – unlicensed short range radios

Realcap magazine – „realistic” magazines with10-40db BB capacity

Trigger guard – the frame protectring the trigger

Spring (Springer) – manually cocked, operated, repeating rifles and pistols

Muzzle energy – the energy of the BB leaving the barrel(calculated from the projetile’s weight and velocity)




The purpose of this basic guide is to provide help for organizing events at the highest possible level.

1. Requirements:
airsoft games should be organized by persons who are of full age (18 yrs old) and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.. The organizer should be an experienced player (8-10 large events is the absolute minimum) who has detailed knowledge of the rules. He should possess a personal vehicle, mobile phone, internet access, first-aid kit, high-visibility vest, and a chrono for airguns. For events over 30 participants, minimum 2 organizers are recommended! If the number of participants exceed 50, experienced players should be appointed “game marshalls”. They’ll act as judges, who solve disputes on the field, enforce the rules, and provide help to the players.

2. Responsibility:
organizers must publish all information of the event, special rules, maps, team setup, etc in advance. Organizers shall stay on the game site from start until the end, and provide help to all participants. His duty is to resolve game-related disputes and to warn, ban or, remove rule breakers, cheaters from the field. His responsibility is to suspend, postpone, or cancel the event, if conditions don’t permit safe gameplay. In case of cancellation, the organizer shall pay back the entry fee (if any) to the participants at the game site. He shall inform inexperienced, beginner players about basic safety rules. He shall provide means for collecting litter, cordon off or mark dangerous spots of game area, and warn the players about the dangers before the game!

3. No responsibility:
the organizer is not responsible for the physical safety and personal belongings of the participants, for the willful or negligent damage caused by other players – especially caused by neglect, breach of the safety rules, or the arbitrary use of unathorized, illegal items. The participants attend the events, use the buildings, vehicles, landmarks in the game area at their own responsibility!

4. Announcement:
events should be announced at least 1-8 weeks in advance via online or printed media. The game description should include the following information:

- Event name, time and date

- Organizer’s name, availability

- Duration of event

- Location, how-to get there (map)

- Requirements

- Entry fee (and what’s included in the fee)

- Min. and max. number of players

- Mandatory and recommended gear

- Special rules

- Distribution of PMR channels

- Team and squad roster

- Detailed game description, program

- Game map

- Availability of MASZ rules

- Written consent from parents (for minors)

5. Registration:
all applicants must be registered. Team members should be assigned to the same sides – unless it interferes with game balance. Minors (under 18 yrs) should present a written consent from their parents, plus the name, availability and phone number of an adult applicant who will take responsibility for the minor player during game. Above this, applicants should provide the following information:

- Name, team

- Weapon class, velocity/energy

- Radio (yes/no)

The list of applicants must be updated frequently. If the number of entries do not reach the required minimum, or other serious impediments arise (weather, field conditions, technical difficulties, etc) the event should be called-off 24 hours in advance, or the game description must be modified accordingly. If number of applicants reach the maximum, registration must be closed, and extra applicants should be put on a waiting list.


6. Duties on location:
organizers should be at the game site minimum 1 hour before the start. In case of bigger events or bad weather, the game area should be checked the day before. Other important duties include:







- Marking safety zone

- Checking safety gear

- Chronoing the guns

- Inform beginners about safety rules

- Doing the headcount

- Setting the sides, teams, squads

- Announcement of special rules

- Announcement of game program

- Walkthrough on the site,

- Starting the game


- Stopping the game

- Resolving disputes

- Announcement of results

- Collection of litter and lost items

- Transporting, removing props, accessories






It’s a basic and important safety measure to check the muzzle velocity of airsoft guns regularly. The chrono device must be operated by an experienced player (called the „Chronomaster”) to check all guns, before every game if possible. It’s recommended to use a device which works independent of lighting conditions. The „chrono station” should be set up on a designated location. Wearing eye protection is mandatory for everybody!

 Recommended gear:

- Chrono device

- Spare batteries

- Tripod

- Paper, pen, list of participants

- Muzzle energy / velocity cross table

- Copy of MASZ rules

- Mags (MP5, M16, G3, G36, AUG)

- .20 gramm BBs

- Speedloader

- Green gas

- ID tag (coloured zipties, stickers)

Chrono process:

  • The player should report to the chrono station with ALL his guns, COMPLETELY UNLOADED (magazine empty or removed, empty gas reservoir, no BB in the hopup or barrel). The hopup shall be set to game ready condition, for the BB type which the player will be using.
  • Players shall provide at least one EMPTY magazine and proper gas for the gun (in the original factory container), unless the Chronomaster has these items!
  • Before chronoing, the weapon must be checked: it must be a COMPLETELY EMPTY (see point 1.) and a fully-functional, 6mm airsoft gun. In case of gas operated weapons, the Chronomaster must check the brand and manufacturer of the propellant. The player should declare if the gun is above 1.7 Joules or the hopup is set for BBs heavier than.25 gramms.
  • The gun can be loaded only by the Chronomaster with gas and BBs! He should use his own .20 gramm weight, quality pellets! It’s also recommended to use his own magazines for the process! Chronoing guns which were loaded by the player is FORBIDDEN!
  • Chronomaster should fire at least 3-4 shots to a safe direction. Check normal operation. The gun is INADEQUATE for chronoing in the following cases:
  • Great volume of lubricant or anything is leaving the muzzle other than the BBs (muzzle dripping from oil, lubricant sprays with each shot, etc)
  • Gun shoots less or more BBs than normal (skipfire, dryfire, stuttering, BBs rolling out of barrel),
  • Range is changing drastically with each shot, or range is abnormally low for the type of weapon,
  • BB trajectory is erratic or abnormally steep (over 45 degrees) on short ranges (like 20m). CAUTION! Guns set up for heavy BBs will produce steep trajectory with .20s!
  • Gas reservoir temperature is considerably cooler than the enviroment (wait 1-2 minutes),
  • Gun is equipped with a velocity reducer device or similar,

If the gun fails the test, the owner can re-enter the chrono process after he fixed, cleaned, adjusted the gun properly. Guns inadequate for chronoing are NOT ALLOWED IN THE GAME!

  • Guns which have passed the test should be positioned paralell and as close to the chrono sensor as possible. Chronomaster must fire at least 3 rounds through the chrono. If all 3 results are below the maximum velocity limit, the gun successfully PASSED the test. If the chrono shows mixed results (shots under and above the limit), a more careful check must be initiated (re-test, using different BB brand of the same weight, another chrono, etc). In special circumstances the Chronomaster can consider the chrono device’s +/- 1-3% margin of error, and the dispersion of different BBs. If the gun is producing repeated results above the maximum, even after re-tests, it’s NOT ALLOWED IN THE GAME!
  • Chronomaster should record all results. After passing the test, guns should be marked at a visible spot with an ID tag (stickers, coloured zipties, etc). The ID tag must be removable after the game without any damage to the gun.
  • It’s the Chronomaster’s discretion to put ID tags on in a way which prevents the adjustment of the gun to higher velocity (split gearboxes, quickchange springs, adjustable gas guns). It’s FORBIDDEN to remove, modify, replace, or abuse the ID tag before the end of game! All illegal actions will result in immediate banning! Lost or damaged ID tags must be reported and replaced!
  • Chronomaster can order random in-game checks anytime, especially for guns with adjustable velocity.






I, the undersigned

(name of parent/ lawful representative),

(address, phone number),

as the lawful representative of

(name of child)

(year, month of birth)

hereby give my consent for the child to participate in an airsoft game. I declare that my child is in good health, physically burdened and has suitable protective gear. The present consent was granted in view of airsoft games and the Hungarian Rules of Airsoft. Organizers shall not bear any responsibility for the participation of the child in the game.

Date: .......................................................................................................................................

(Signature of parent/ lawful representative)